When Unexpected Times Hit—Silend Can Cover It

Hard times befall us all. When you truly need a helping hand, find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, falling behind on payments, or worried about providing for yourself or loved ones—Silend is here to offer a helping hand. Request what you need silently, anonymously, and without question.

How Silend Works

Silend is geo-based, so donors and receivers must be in a certain radius and near one another in the same community. Funds are only available for basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter. A maximum of $100 may be donated or received at a time. There are no interest rates or loans, so everyone can give or get with peace of mind.

Give without reason or expectation

When we give anonymously to those in need, we offer true selflessness. Together, our small acts of selfless kindness and generosity can make a large impact on our local communities. Share what you can spare and show your support with Silend.